Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Butterfly fantasy

Good morning!  For a change, I am up early so thought I would start the day by showing a lovely butterfly card.  The new butterfly stamp set, butterfly dies, tinsel, glitter, and embossing powder can be ordered from  If you click on the card you can see a close-up of the butterfly showing where I  used different colors of glitter.  Also, isn't this tinsel darling?  All you have to do is lay down a strip of tear-ific double sided tape and sprinkle on the glitter tinsel.  You can find different widths of the tear-ific tape on this page at  This is the tape that I use to make all of my cards, boxes, etc.  It is just wonderful! 
Stamp Set 437 - Fancy Butterflies  This is a pic of the new butterfly stamp set and it is located at  You can buy it as only a stamp set or a combination set with the butterfly dies from spellbinderspaperarts.  Enjoy.


  1. How pretty! Looks almost like this butterfly has the spirit of dragonfly in the very center! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the way you used the butterflies to make your fall card! Beautiful colors and glitter tinsel strips!

  3. Eleanor your butterfly is so pretty. Beautiful colors and the tinsel looks great on the card.