Friday, November 18, 2011

Butterfly ornament

Another ornament for everyone to see!  I also used a coaster for the base of this ornament and covered it with pattern paper.  The butterfly was cut out of the pattern paper and also cut out of red cardstock.  I learned how to do this technique from my friend, Bekah.  You can see her blog at  It has Starfire Glitter under the butterfly which is from  I just used some stickers at the bottom of the ornament.  The red ribbon is from as well as the coasters.  If anyone would like the directions for making the butterfly, please e-mail me and I will gladly type out the directions.  I will also probably be teaching this at in Charlottesville, VA.  


  1. Eleanor, this is GORGEOUS! It almost looks like a quilted fabric kitchen wall decor - or a pot holder! The glitter in the closeup photos is spectacular, setting off all the other colors wonderfully! Wish I could take your class. I'll be there in spirit!

  2. This is beautiul, Eleanor! I would take the class if I were there! I especially like the butterfly - awesome!

  3. This is beautiful. With a tree full of these, who needs store bought!